Nova Scotia Antigonish - Caledonia Spook Mills

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Nova Scotia Antigonish - Caledonia Spook Mills

Post by HauntedHRM on 2nd July 2008, 4:46 pm

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Location: Just outside of Antigonish

History: 1922, The McDonald family claimed to be affected by a "fire spirit". It was investigated and many different explanations were theorized, eventually after more than 30 fires the McDonald's farm house burnt down.


  • Ghostly footsteps
  • pounding on the walls
  • unseen touching
  • unknown dog seen in and around the house
  • doors opening and closing

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Re: Nova Scotia Antigonish - Caledonia Spook Mills

Post by Adam on 24th August 2008, 10:41 pm

I have a book on the subject complete with copies of the notes by the original investigators. Fun stuff with a convoluted history. It almost reads like a mystery meant to steer you toward a specific conclusion that makes much more sense than the usual explanation. I'll dig it out when I move back to HRM.

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