Nova Scotia, Halifax - Five Fisherman Restaurant

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Nova Scotia, Halifax - Five Fisherman Restaurant

Post by HauntedHRM on 2nd July 2008, 4:33 pm

Location: On the corner of Argyle & Carmichael

History: built in the early 19th century, it was originally founded by the Anglican church as a schoolhouse for poor children. When the school moved out of the building, it was turned into a school of art and continued to change hands after that. In the early 20th century the building housed "Snows Funeral Parlor". During the time of the Titanic sinking & The Halifax explosion, mass amounts bodies from both tragedies would have been kept on this site.

  • Poltergeist activity;glasses and ashtrays moving or being dropped on the floor.
  • Apparition; Male,Tall,Malevolent.
  • Apparition;Male, Period style clothing,Appears siting at table then vanishes

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