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CHIPS - Pennsylvania

Post by HauntedHRM on 3rd June 2008, 12:19 am

Mission Statement

CHIPS Paranormal Research was created to provide confidential, discrete, research and investigations to any one in need of help because of paranormal phenomenon occurring in their home or business..

We are a motivated, skilled, professional group with experience and the utmost respect for our clients, and the "Spirit World."

We provide advice, and understanding for those who believe they have experienced a paranormal event. We will analyze and report all collected data with complete honesty..

Our primary areas of interest include but are not limited to, ghosts, hauntings and related phenomena. We do not claim to be experts, there are no experts in this field...It is a learning experience each and every day. ..

It is our resolution, and never ending quest to discover a world unfamiliar to us, a world where spirits prowl! We are on a mission to untangle these tangles webs of mystery...Unafraid, together and focused we will go in "search of the truth"...

Years will pass yet we will not be disappointed, because time as we know it is of no consequence in the "spirit world"..

~We pride ourselves on our integrity, experience and values~

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