strange little boy?

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strange little boy?

Post by jason007 on 1st October 2014, 8:59 pm

Hi everyone im a newbie:) I have a story going back fifteen years ago when I was a child, I have a twin we were both a sleep in metal bunk beds we both heard strange noises so we were scared and ended up sharing the bottom bunk!! We fell asleep but heard the springs going on the top bunk so i woke my brother we looked at the ladder and saw feet and legs coming down the bunk so before we could see anything else we threw the quilt over us hoping it would go! We waited a bit, sweaty we pulled the quilt off and saw a boy about twelve or so crouching under our computer desk weirdly he could hardly fit but he had a weird smile on his face looking at his finger near his thumb and his little finger, the two fingers had a bluish light on them so you could see his face clearly!! He had an evil smile which me and my brother will never forget! If i was alone i may of thought i was dreaming but my brother saw exactly the same thing! I haven't told many people about this because they will think im mad but im totally telling the truth!! I wonder if anyone else has seen something similar with lights on fingers ect because i still think about it and his face the weird evil smile, i will never forget his face


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