9th Line Cemetary

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9th Line Cemetary

Post by Cryptid Luke on 27th September 2008, 10:48 am

Brad Clark sent this to me via the ontario cryptozoology page.

"Hey guys, just wanted to share my story about 9th Line Cemetary. Its in Oakville just north of Dundas road. I used to go there lots with some friends because the place really creeps you out. Everything about this graveyard is really scary. The trees, the crematorium where there is these electric candles that flicker and make statues (inside this all glass building) look like they are moving. I always got a sense that there was many beings of some kind around there. Well I was only 19 at the time (now 32) and I had about 3 other friends in my parents jeep. It was around 1am on a saturday night. (no I had not been drinking) We were driving around this looping road just checking out all the scary tombstones and buildings when I pointed to the corner of a roof of a 1 story building. Sitting or squatting I should say on this corner of the roof perched like some kind of a gargoil was a very dark creature. We all saw it when I pointed and said "look what the hell is that?!"
The 2 girls in the back of the jeep kinda frieked out. And when I opened the door to get a closer look they grabbed my jacket (it was in the fall) and said "NO! Do not go out there!". Honestly it looked just like a gargoyle only this thing was definitely living. I didnt see it move but the texture of the skin (if thats what you call it) and the way it was interacting with the flood lights made me believe it was alive. I gave up trying to get out, we drove around the loop one more time came back to that same building and it was gone! No sign of it. I'll never forget that night. No one in that group talked about it since I think they all just wanted to forget it happened. I still haven't forgotten it happened and have gone numerous times looking for this same creature. Haven't found it yet. I had thought recently that maybe it was the giant owl (big hoot) perched elevated to see the flat short grass fields where it could catch small rodents. But that's speculation...
Anyways just wanted to share my story. Quickly though there was a sighting of a small terradactyl from a commuter early in the morning driving on his way to work. I read this story on the internet. He was north of the 9th line cemetary. I forget exactly where he was but it was north of Oakville. He looked up and saw this bird flying in the sky but he could see the light from the sun (first sunrise), shining through the wings! He thought they were membranes instead of feathered wings because it had an orangish tint to it. I found that interesting since it was such close proximity to where I had my sighting in 9th line cemetary."

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