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Post by HauntedHRM on 5th August 2008, 2:59 pm

We are an enthusiastic team of ghost hunters investigating haunted locations around the World. Based in England, Soulseekers was founded in 2003 by SarahJane O'Neill and Gil Martin. Our objective is to provide some solid evidence of the paranormal. We take a rational and logical, but open-minded approach to our investigations. We carry out these investigations with the use of the latest high-tech equipment available to us. We also incorporate some old fashion methods of ghost hunting, such as crystals, dowsing, and SarahJane, the sensitive, picks up where technology cannot yet provide suitable results. Most alleged ghosts or hauntings can be explained. It is those that have been unexplainable, that we are striving to uncover the truth about, and pass this evidence on to you. None of us really know the truth yet, beyond our own convictions. We can only speculate until we have enough hard evidence.

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