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Dead Famous

Post by HauntedHRM on 28th July 2008, 1:17 pm

Wikipedia wrote:Dead Famous - Ghostly Encounters is a television series that searches for the ghosts of the famous dead. Cynical but curious Gail Porter and sensitive Chris Fleming take a spirited road trip through America looking for the ghostly locations where legends of stage, screen and music reside. Described by the channel as "like a sharper, sexier and funnier Mulder and Sculley", the duo visit places where, it is claimed, celebrity spirits roam their hotel rooms, diners, gardens, film lots and theaters.

I have mixed feelings about this show.
I've seen a few full episodes and a couple bits and pieces of other episodes.
I get the dynamic of the team, One being sensitive the other skeptic.
The problem I have is that they're visiting places the famous dead people would have visited, most times there is no account of a haunting by the person they are seeking out. They rely too much on the opinion of the "sensitive" member and activity such as Orbs, or a noises, and are less inclined to be reasonable with these occurrences. And the other member, the "skeptic" spends a lot of the show scared of noises and dark rooms. I would watch it for the entertainment factor more than a realistic investigation of a haunting.

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