English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts

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English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts

Post by HauntedHRM on 14th July 2008, 6:34 pm

On 13/07/08 Telegraph.co.uk wrote:
A ghostly figure, supposedly the spirit of a dead soldier from a key battle in the English Civil War, has been captured on film by a group of paranormal enthusiasts.

The Northampton Paranormal Group caught the figure on camera during a visit to the site of the Battle of Naseby, a field between the villages of Clipston and Naseby in Northamptonshire, last month.

The visit coincided with the 363rd Anniversary of the Battle of Naseby. Members said they heard clunking noises as well as sounds like cannonball fire.
When the group then looked through pictures they took during the visit, they spotted what appeared to be mysterious figure walking out of the dark carrying something in its hands.

Emma Whiteman, leader of the group, said: “The picture was taken about an hour after we heard the noises but we didn’t see anything at the time.

“When we saw it, when we were looking back through the pictures, we were gobsmacked.

“We’re saying that it’s a soldier. Some people can see it sitting on a horse and some people just see it as a walking soldier.”

The Battle of Naseby in 1645 was a key win for the Parliamentarians over the Royalists in the English Civil War.

The battle involved more than 21,000 troops when the Royal army, under Prince Rupert, was beaten by Parliamentary troops led by Sir Thomas Fairfax.

Adrian Perkin, an author and 'ghost detective’, said he thought the image was a soldier with a musket or pike walking through a gateway.

He said: “If this is genuine it’s a very, very, good example. It’s the best I have seen for many years.”

Skeptics said the effect was caused by the camera itself.

Anne Haddon, of The Naseby Battlefield Project, said: “I haven’t heard anything like this at the battlefield in all my association with it. It’s fair to say I’m a bit skeptical.”

Click here to visit the article

I can see what they think is the apparition of a Soldier but it also looks like they had messed around with the color and composition of the picture trying to see the Solider clearer, You can tell by the brighter color of the grass and the blue/purple sky background. I'd like to see the original picture before it had been adjusted.
Might just turn out to be a case of Pareidolia

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Re: English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts

Post by heben on 8th August 2008, 9:49 am

Took the words right out of my mouth there Smile

To me, it does appear to be a case of pareidolia. As soon as you start fiddling around with the colours, for me, you start to mess up the picture - it makes things seem very different to what they were, and it looks to be the case here.

Would be interesting to see the original, and see how much it has changed and what it looked like prior to any editing.


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Re: English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts

Post by AutumnSims on 8th August 2008, 2:57 pm

Same here, I wont make a judgment until I see the originals and maybe the negatives too if possible.

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Re: English Civil War 'ghost' captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts

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