Alabama-Tutwiler Hotel

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Alabama-Tutwiler Hotel

Post by AutumnSims on 11th July 2008, 5:08 pm

The Story:
Colonel Tutweiler is said to do more than just roam the halls at the Tutwiler Hotel.

The Haunting:
Several years ago, a bartender got in trouble for leaving all of the lights and stoves on in the restaurant after closing. He insisted he had turned everything off, but whenever he gave one last look back at the room, everything was back on. He had finally given up and gone home. This went on every night for a week. On the last day, the manager came in the next morning to find someone had cooked a large meal and taken out a bottle of wine.

The Solution:
On that day, the employees of the hotel began to tell Colonel Tutwiler, "Good night Colonel, and please turn the lights and stove off, and don't make a mess!" They haven't had a problem since.

Is It Still Haunted?:
The Tutwiler underwent a complete renovation in 2007. Sometimes, but not always, old spirits are chased away in renovations, almost as if they resided in the very fabric of the building. Is that the case in the Tutwiler? Time will tell.

Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama

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