Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team - Washington

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Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team - Washington

Post by HauntedHRM on 9th July 2008, 12:08 pm

A.P.A.R.T. Mission statement:

  • We are a paranormal research team, committed to scientifically investigating and documenting paranormal evidence.

  • We will research history on family names, physical addresses, and structural findings to the best of our abilities.

  • We will interview eyewitness's to claimed paranormal accounts.

  • We will combined both documented historical findings, eyewitness accounts, and investigative findings in our reports, on our website and any presentation we conduct.

  • We will not drink before, during or after an investigation.

  • We will not smoke, ever.

  • Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

  • We do not, nor will we ever, charge a fee for our services.

  • We will use skepticism, combined with a healthy open mind, to report a true finding. Whether that finding may be anomalies or void of any paranormal evidence or event.

  • We will work hard with, in and around our communities to educate those who are wondering, or have misconceptions about paranormal events, investigators or the field as a whole.

  • We will work to preserve and maintain the historic locations, the history is holds, through honest record keeping.

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