Candlelight and Ghost Hunting

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Candlelight and Ghost Hunting

Post by sacredsuzie on 6th July 2008, 9:50 am

Apparently from some of the books I read that if you're going to call on ghosts and spirits, you need candlelight. They can see this from the other side, electronic lights don't work. As a pagan, this makes sense to me. As soon as I light a candle I feel that I have opened a door to the other side. I have lit a spiritual beacon and the Other Side responds.

However, for ghost hunting I am sure that this is problematic, not to mention dangerous. When I see ghost hunters with their infrared lights...I can totally see the scientific benefits but wonder if the ghost hunting wouldn't be more effective if you started out with a candlelit ceremony and THEN went dark. You wonder why nothing happens when these guys show up with their gear and expect the ghosts to just perform for them.

Lighting a candle and taking a second to truly commune and call on them I think could cause even better results. What do you think?


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