Cleansing your home

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Cleansing your home

Post by sacredsuzie on 3rd July 2008, 12:33 pm

Once a month I cleanse my home of negative energy. I wrote about it on my blog here. I was completely skeptical that going this kind of thing would help me and my depression and was shocked that doing it just once lifted a decade of spiritual CRAP off my shoulders. I didn't care after that why it worked, just that it did. As an empath, spiritual housekeeping is absolutely essential. Plus, what can it hurt?

The best time of month to do a cleansing is when the moon is waning (going dark). For heavy-duty cleansing I like to try and do it on the new moon which is what I did last night. The Goddess is always with us so if you need to do it during a waxing moon, of course you can do that too!

I leave out a small bowl of vinegar on the day I am going to do the cleansed. According to the book The Witch's Shield, it will absorb all the negative energy and then you just flush it a way. Simple, cheap and effective!

Go through the house with a candle and say something like, "I am a child of light, protected by the divine. All dark energy is banished now." Once you're done all the rooms, go to the front door and sweep out the energy three times. I then use saltwater or some kind of blessing water and seal the door shut to negative thoughts and feelings. I finish with a pentacle blessing of the door and blow out the candle and say, blessed be.

What I like about this is that it is completely adaptable. Doing a ritual doesn't have to be strict, complicated or rigid. I change it all the time. I use different words all of the time. Different techniques. I listen to what my spirit says is right to do and then do it.

If you're filled with apathy right now as you're reading this, that is a sign that the darkness has a hold of you. Get off your computer, start with lighting a candle and saying you're a child of light. Doing just that can change how you feel. Then once you get more comfortable and free of the darkness, do more. Soon you will be filled with a sense of power and lightness and the darkness will no longer weigh you down.



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