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H.A.P.I.A - Alberta

Post by HauntedHRM on 23rd June 2008, 11:55 pm

Mission Statement

" Search for the truth behind paranormal experiences."

If we wanted to become media darlings and popular, we could be doing what other known groups in the area are - presenting videos and data as actual paranormal phenomenon - without actually looking at the evidence given (some videos we have seen can be explained as moths, and even one as a reflection off a lighted beer sign in a 'haunted bar'). Even though we have done some TV appearances and have had our articles published, we are not in it for the 'fame', and we make no money from our investigations.

What makes us different is we rule out all other causes, and when we do capture something unexplained, we then go through the data bit by bit. Then one can only theorize what it might be. Presenting every bit of data as ghosts, spirits and other phenomenon is not only hurtful to the true investigative teams out there, but also harmful in those teams actually searching for the truth. Anyone can claim they are a ghost hunter, but we are an investigations team.

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