Old York Hospital - Western Australia

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Old York Hospital - Western Australia

Post by Zic on 22nd June 2008, 7:10 am

Location: Old York Hospital

History: Built in 1894-95 the hospital designed by architect George Temple-Poole was built to accommodate the ever growing number of ill prospectors from the Goldfields.
It ceased to operate as a hospital in 1963.
In 1976 the National Trust acquired the buildings - in the next 20 years it was used by the YHA. The complex was sold in 1998 to a private concern.
The hospital still has a fine shingle roof. (. . . and some say a ghost ?)
- what's going to be its future . . ?

I lived here for a number of years and have actually spoke to a old lady there for about an hour while she was telling me about the history of the place. About an hour later I found out that this old lady had worked there in the days of its fresh life as a hospital. the thing was she died many years before she spoke to me. That freaked me out.


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